Daily Archives: June 26, 2010

Gold prices are up!!!!!?!!!!

I went to my supplier today to buy my gold and silver wire. You see, whenever I go on buying sprees for my jewelry, I prepare a list of what to buy and only bring enough money.  Sometimes to the exact centavo.   I asked for the usual and almost had a heart attack when she rang up the bill!!!!

She explained that gold prices have increased internationally, and if gold goes up, so does silver.

Yikes!  I should have bought more during my last purchase, which was about two weeks ago!!!

I really panicked because there were other things I still needed to buy……

Things to do this weekend

1.  Go to my supplier.  I’ve to get the stones for a wedding.  It’s a huge order so I think I’ll need two trips for this, plus I ran out of solid gold wire and earring posts.

2.  Visit my sister.  She’s going to borrow a few pieces for a premiere night.  I’m thinking of lending her the following:

3.  Make more of these:

4. Bond with the hubby and little one (Sunday is the househelp’s day off)

5.  Thank God for blessing me with so many beautiful things!

Click here for more info on the pieces mentioned in this post 🙂

Happy Weekend everyone!