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Winter Iris

A lovely winter plant that blooms from December through March.

Petals of beautiful smooth kyanite briolettes woven together with 10k solid gold wire. The winter look is completed with a enigmatic opalite faceted briolette drop.

Measures approximately 1.75 inches from top to bottom.

Now available in my shop.

That’s why I love to experiment!

A client wanted something big, but not too big. Round. With turquoise gemstones and definitely not a dangler. Something that can be worn during the day but classy enough for the evening.

A vague description with very little to work with. This is why I do not sketch any of my designs. I love to experiment and I like seeing my imagination run wild. Most of all, I try as much as possible to incorporate my signature designs to the client’s description.

Thus, the final product:

My winter wonderland

Eversince I received a package of rock crystals in the mail, I’ve imagined all the jewelry designs to have something of a winter-snow effect…..with the glistening whiteness of the crystals, that’s all I could ever think about.  So together with my stash of white stones, I decided to come up with a collection which I aptly named: WINTER SONATA.

Here are some of the pieces so far:


Rock crystals  are woven around the disc to give the effect of icicles falling from a tree to its leaves.

The leaves are made from faceted apple green chalcedony briolettes (11 carats).


The name says it all, right?  Rock crystal chips are woven in crocheted sterling silver wire.


A very delicate-looking but sturdy pair of earrings.

Crocheted sterling silver wire formed into a flower from where white faceted jade briolettes hang.

Things to do this weekend

1.  Go to my supplier.  I’ve to get the stones for a wedding.  It’s a huge order so I think I’ll need two trips for this, plus I ran out of solid gold wire and earring posts.

2.  Visit my sister.  She’s going to borrow a few pieces for a premiere night.  I’m thinking of lending her the following:

3.  Make more of these:

4. Bond with the hubby and little one (Sunday is the househelp’s day off)

5.  Thank God for blessing me with so many beautiful things!

Click here for more info on the pieces mentioned in this post 🙂

Happy Weekend everyone!