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Something For Me

Growing up in a Catholic family, its already in my blood to be religious.  How, you say? For as long as I remember, I used to wear a scapular every single day.  I only stopped wearing it in law school when the string tore in two.

So I guess this does not come as a surprise to create something with a religious theme around it.

My first product: a sterling silver necklace with a stainless steel medallion adorned with purple and Alexandrite Swarovski bicone crystals.

It turned out really okay cause after I wore it at several occasions (even to work) I suddenly received orders to make more.

Feedback was good, so I decided to come out with more — better and fancier — designs.  I’d like to keep it a secret for now but this is a sneak preview of what the “raw” material looks like:

How do you like it?

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Emerald Lane

I’ve mentioned before that I started with ornate headbands.  I have moved on to other items now but my love for making these works of art has not changed.  While I love making these beauties, the cost, time and materials makes me create them only if requested. 

Last weekend I received a message about a soon to be bride wanting to buy my ornate emerald headband.  Remember that these are custom pieces, thus, those in my store are there for illustration purposes. This means that once an order is placed, that is the time I will only make them.

Behold Angela’s headband!  Made from mother of pearl flowers, jade and adventurine nuggets, majorica pearls and Austrian crystal.  All of these are wire wrapped in high quality stainless steel wire.

I’d love to make one for you too, on your special day 🙂

For custom orders, please click here 🙂


In one occasion, I made this pair of earrings:

(White turquoise drops, midnight black Austrian crystals, wrapped in sterling silver wire)

Separately, I also made this pendant:

(White turquoise drops wrapped in 10k solid gold wire)

Upon seeing these two, a client wanted the design of the earrings but with solid gold wire instead of sterling silver, so that it would match the pendant.

This pair is a bit heavy (well, for me, that is) so instead of  the lever back, I suggested that we use earring posts.  This is how it came out:

(with 10k solid gold wire and 14k solid gold ear posts)

And this is how it was packaged:

(wrapped in golden bronze organza ribbon in my signature mother of pearl jewelry box)

Recently, there was another request for a customized item.

I posted this on etsy.  It is made with golden citrine Austrian crystals wrapped in stainless steel wire.

The request was to use sterling silver instead of stainless steel.


It’s always a delight whenever I get requests to customize a design because its sort of  a challenge specially when the client is very specific with what she/he wants.