In one occasion, I made this pair of earrings:

(White turquoise drops, midnight black Austrian crystals, wrapped in sterling silver wire)

Separately, I also made this pendant:

(White turquoise drops wrapped in 10k solid gold wire)

Upon seeing these two, a client wanted the design of the earrings but with solid gold wire instead of sterling silver, so that it would match the pendant.

This pair is a bit heavy (well, for me, that is) so instead of  the lever back, I suggested that we use earring posts.  This is how it came out:

(with 10k solid gold wire and 14k solid gold ear posts)

And this is how it was packaged:

(wrapped in golden bronze organza ribbon in my signature mother of pearl jewelry box)

Recently, there was another request for a customized item.

I posted this on etsy.  It is made with golden citrine Austrian crystals wrapped in stainless steel wire.

The request was to use sterling silver instead of stainless steel.


It’s always a delight whenever I get requests to customize a design because its sort of  a challenge specially when the client is very specific with what she/he wants.

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